Round Robin Instagram Giveaway with over $1400 In Prizes!!!

I’m giving away 2 $25 Visa gift cards! The best part, I’m not the only one participating in this  29 other awesome bloggers are doing their own as well!

YOU GUYS! There are so many awesome prizes!!!

To start just go to my Instagram account and make sure you are following me. Then just answer the question: “What would you do with an extra $25?” Once you have done that, go to the next Bloggers Instagram account @mydaylightsblog, keep going until you get all 29! You can’t win if you don’t enter!

Easy peasy!

Here are some of the other GREAT prizes, from some amazing Bloggers:

@utahvalleymoms- $25 Target Gift Card
@triedandtasty -$25 Amazon Gift Card
@naturesknockout -$90 in FREE ebooks to 3 lucky winners!! — “Beauty Desserts” & “Raw Beauty, Smoothies, Shakes & Creamies” cookbooks
@frenchiewraps- 4 of her followers will win one of the Frenchie Wraps above! A value of $15-$20.
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@thecreativemom- Amazon Gift Card
@kelly_utahdixiedeals $25 gift card to Target
@notpictureperfect_official (ME!) 2- $25 Visa Gift Cards
@mydaylightsblog- $25 Gift Card to Forever 21
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WOWZA!!! I am so so excited!!! That is OVER $1400 in PRIZES!!! Go ENTER,  Have FUN! And GOOD LUCK!!!

Each blogger is responsible for their prizes and getting it to the individual winners.
Not affiliated with Instagram, each blogger is in charge of their own giveaway.

Happy National Mompreneur Day!

Did you know that today is National Mompreneur Day!


I was so super excited! That is what I am! Wikipedia defines it as follows:   is a neologism defined as a female business owner who is actively balancing the role of mom and the role of entrepreneur.

To celebrate Let’s start the year out right! With a giveaway!

Just follow the instructions on the rafflecopter! Contest runs until Sunday January 5th at midnight MST
a Rafflecopter giveaway


Santa Cookie Plate and Mug with FREE Printable Gift Tags

On Christmas Eve, my kids love to leave a plate of cookies and a glass of milk out for Santa. Santa has a lot to do in one night, and leaving a snack for him and his reindeer is a fun tradition. It’s fun to see their faces Christmas morning when they find the plate and glass EMPTY.

Santa Treat Plate and Cup

With a brand new vinyl quote from our sister site FabDecor, and a few inexpensive supplies you can create this simple Treats for Santa bundle for under $10 as a Christmas or Housewarming gift for a neighbor, friend, or family member.


This year I have a brand new Christmas vinyl decal for you.

Treat Plate

And to help you with your wrapping I also have a sheet of fun Christmas tags for you, available as a free download and|or to print. PIN Now, Print Later!

FREE Printable Christmas Tags

Download and|or Print them HERE

Items You'll Need

For This Gift You’ll Need:

The How-To:

From last year’s post you may remember, a great place to find an inexpensive glass mug and plate is your local dollar store. This year, I snagged this glass plate from Walmart for $1.50.

>>> Applying your vinyl quote to your plate is a bit easier if you cut the vinyl like this: Step One

>>> Before you peel the backing off of your vinyl, position the different pieces on your plate until you’re happy with a look.

>>> Peel the paper backing off of your vinyl one phrase at a time. It’ll look backwards, but you will apply it to your plate just like a sticker.

Step Two

>>> With your vinyl quote stuck to the plate, and the transfer tape still in place, rub each letter with your fingernail or a credit card to help the vinyl adhere to the plate.

>>> Slowly peel the transfer tape away from the vinyl so that if a letter isn’t sticking, you can replace the transfer tape and run your fingernail over that letter again until it does stick.

Step Three

>>> Repeat these steps with each phrase.Step Four>>> The steps for the mug are the same as above. HERE’S a quick tip on applying the vinyl to a curved surface.

Santa Milk Mug Decal


Which do you love: Christmas Green or Christmas Red?

No worries you can order this vinyl in either color AND white. I love choices! :)



Believe in the Magic!

Believe in the Magic! Isn’t that what is so wonderful about Christmas, the magic that can happen, and that we can make happen? I like to think so!


I love this cute item, you can do it anyway you want, I have actually done it 3 different ways! This is a fun and easy craft great for all ages! (the 3rd way was using it as a stencil, and making it rustic looking!)

This kit comes in 2 different sizes, the 8×8 or 12×12. The one I am showing you here is 8×8 and will be free-standing. The 12×12 can be hung or displayed on a tile stand. :) Get your kits at you also can get just the vinyl.

The kits will come with the wood sanded and ready to paint, then the vinyl all ready to be applied.


You can choose to paint your block any color you want, I painted one red, and one blue.


I added the vinyl tree to my block first, then put the words next to it. I cut the starts out so I could apply them next to the tree as well.



Vinyl works best when it is on a warm surface, I don’t know why, it just does not like cold surfaces. A little something I have learned over the years.


Once I got my vinyl applied,I also sanded the edges! I love it! You could even leave it like this, but I love me so tulle and ribbon so  I added some, then OF COURSE sprayed some glitter to it! That is it! All done! Believeblue

And as usual you can buy a finished product. Just go to



Thankful for you! Coupon code!

( In case you missed this on our website! )

This morning, like many mornings, I woke up with that heavy anxiety of wondering how we would be able to feed
my Family over the next week…Then an order…I don’t know WHY I worry,
You all are always there, I sooooo Appreciate YOU!
How I want you all to know, how super grateful I am for you all.
I am thankful for the support you give to my business, It means so much,
It is how I feed my family, cloth my family…Support them.
I really can’t tell you enough! THANK YOU!!!!
This coupon will be good thru the end of NOVEMBER!

November 5th Thanksgiving Themed Crafting classes….

I am so excited to have finally gotten my “work area” straighten up enough to offer some shopping and crafting space….I know times are tough, and what better way to make your dollar stretch than make your own home decor items, and gifts for Christmas!!

This first week I will be giving you three different choices on the craft, you can do one or all three! Totally up to you, space is limited to 6 just go register here: and secure your spot with just a $5 deposit also it makes sure I have enough materials for everyone to make what they want. :)

This is so super cute, and can be made double sided! The cost for this is only $10, (This is just for the one side) yes you can buy the kit online for $8, but that doesn’t include all the extras like paint, tulle/ribbon, glitter spray, and the materials needed to complete the project. :)

Kit Includes:

* 1 bare, pre-sanded block approx. 8″x12″x2″

* vinyl lettering (beige)

* vinyl turkey (orange-red)

Also you will have access to all my paints, tulle, ribbon, glitter spray, and whatever else takes your fancy…Oh and then of course I will be there helping.

Look how you cute the other side is!!! you can do it double sided for only $3.00 more. :)


This cute stacker measures about 8″long and 8″ tall. “Be Thankful” with a super cute turkey; IF you would like to do  the other side It  says, “It’s Fall Y’all” with a darling pumpkin. Just add $3.00

Kit Includes: One Sided kit cost: $11.00

* 3 bare, pre-sanded pieces of wood

*3 vinyl stickers as shown ( Turkey, Be, Thankful)





Then this cute mini stacker! LOVE it! You could make this to take as hostess gifts for Thanksgiving dinners!

Kit Includes: Cost for class $7.00

* 3 bare, pre-sanded wood blocks 1.5″ x 5″, 6″ and 7″

* 3 vinyl words (Gobble til you Wobble) in Orange and Beige

Yes, this can be made double sided for only $2.00 more.

Gobble You will also be able to shop during these times! Stay tuned for more days! I am so excited! What crafts would you like to see at these classes?

One Year Anniversary winners

First off I am truly sorry this took me longer than planned. Some things happened this week that took a higher priority! But with out Further a do! Here are the winners. Please email me so I can get your codes for your GC to

All GC (Gift Certificates are good at and expire after 60 days)

$25 GC – Lisa Mickleson Lee

$25. GC -Michele Bailey

$10 GC-Jen Meecham

$10 GC- Julia Sapien Thorsted

$10 GC- Audra Day

$10 GC-cecelia sapien

$10 GC-Cindy Clark Trimble

Congrats Ladies be sure to contact me in the next 48 hours.

Tampon box turned Pencil/pen holder!

I finished my “Up-cycle” project, before I knew I was out… of So You think you’re crafty! 

I really had super fun with this project…For days I couldn’t think of what I would do…Then one day I was sick and tired of looking at this mess: (to be honest, this is after I straightened it out a bit, or rather tossed everything in a box to be dealt with some other time.:)) mess

And then one day as I was looking at how organized my “monthly needs” holder was….I thought! HEY! I can use that to organize all my “daily” needs and make it my daily needs holder….It would for sure help me straighten up my MESS.

You have to make sure you have the multi-pack tampons, they have the cute little containers inside the box that will help organize your markers, pens, pencils, scissors….you get the picture..
paper I decided I would use  2 different sheets of paper, that way if I got bored of one side, I could turn it around! Both the papers matched, plus I used something FUN! You could use wrapping paper, I just wasn’t sure if you could seal it…I’m sure you can, I just haven’t tried it, YET!
I used mod-podge to glue the paper on. (I pretended I was wrapping a present.) I also used mod-podge to seal the paper.
My once mess of a counter that should be where we leave our writing, cutting things is now cleaned up! I also have more space to put even more fun things that I am always looking for! Who knew a box of tampons would end up saving me time, and cleaning up an area for me.
Be sure to check out all these amazing projects for Week 2! And vote for your favorite ones! So You think you’re crafty week 2 Up-cycle!
What do you think of Up-cycling?

Round 1, and I am out….

I had posted this on my Personal Facebook page: I’m a little sad and a lot relieved…I didn’t make it thru…Thanks for everyone who voted…My project wasn’t something I put much effort into. Too much on my plate. Lesson learned.
I received lots of I’m sorry’s, and you’re great anyway.

I wasn’t really upset, more sad that I wouldn’t get to keep making new things for me…Oh wait, I still get to follow along, and if I want I can create something. I get to be apart of the “back-ground”, Cheering on and supporting the remaining contestants….That is why I even decided to enter the “competition”….I really am not a “competitive” person. I love pushing myself to try new things, I love getting out of my “comfort zone”…BUT….I don’t like it when feelings are hurt, or when people feel “less” about themselves because they didn’t “win”…

This competition is NOT like that, in fact there is a “private” group set up, so we can all chat, bounce ideas off of each other, support each other. I LOVE this, I love when you have a fun “competition” where you are each pushing each other to be better. It is a way for us each to promote our blogs, our individual talents. I can’t sew, but I can paint…I am HORRIBLE with grammar, but give me any math problem…

For all of you who still want to follow along, I know I WILL BE! Here is the link to the website (So you think you’re crafty), facebook page, and where you can meet this season’s contestants.

I try and teach my children this, there are some things we are going to be naturally GREAT at, and there will be things that will be hard for us, and will take a lot of effort to learn and do.

So this being said, I really struggled with the “kitchen” theme…. I don’t know why, I was nervous…. I thought mine was okay… I had a feeling that I wouldn’t be moving on…BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR!

But I do LOVE what I did, because it is quick and easy, and super duper simple!!!

So here is mine:


I love fresh flowers, and I love color! To add some of both to the my kitchen, I just found 3 totally different vases…, I found all 3 at the local thrift shop for $1.00 each, the “rocks” I bought at the dollar store for only $1.00, the flowers…Well I wish I could say I got them from my yard…I found them in a clearance cart at the grocery store for only $5.00.
The water and food color I had on hand. I love being able to do something FAST that will put a smile on my face, Flowers and color, always do this for me.


When you cut your flowers you want to cut the angled, so that the bottom of the stem isn’t straight… I filled the vases half full with the rocks, the slowly split the flowers up between them.
Once I had them all the way I wanted them. I poured the colored water just to the top of the rocks. ( I mixed aspirin with them as well, I hear it makes your flowers last longer)


Then TADA, I can group the together, of place them individually around my kitchen, a quick cheap way bring nature and color in to your home! They make great center pieces as well.


I am happy to say that my flowers are STILL alive, I have had to add more water, but that is it! How fabulous!

Thanks for all your support! I will be sharing my project that was for Round 2 on Sunday at So you think you’re crafty blog, with a small interview! I really LOVE what I made!

Oh and another thing I learned! I am a better Cheer-Leader, than a Competitor! So Help me CHEER the rest of the contestants on! Whoop! Because they are all amazing, and each has a special set of talents!

1 year with a new name Celebration!

I am so very thankful for each and everyone of you!

We have gone thru many changes in the last year! 2 different websites, and now I am trying to get all the products on to our permanent one, YEAH!!!!

Let’s celebrate with a giveaway!
LOTS of YOU can win! 7 total! 2 people will each win a $25 GC to and 5 of you will win a $10 GC to

a Rafflecopter giveaway